April 2016

Drupal 8.1.0 is now available

Drupal 8.1.0, the first minor release of Drupal 8, is now available. With Drupal 8, we made significant changes in our release process, adopting semantic versioning and scheduled feature releases. This allows us to make extensive improvements to Drupal 8 in a timely fashion while still providing backwards compatibility. Drupal 8.1.0 is the first such update.

Company Overview

Drupion is a web hosting platform for websites built on the most popular and open-source content management systems Drupal and WordPress. Drupion runs as platform-as-a-service (PaaS) and software-as-a-service (SaaS) in the cloud.

Because of our managed service delivery model, Drupion SaaS eliminates the need of organizations to maintain complex hardware, software and network infrastructure for their Drupal and WordPress websites.


We purchased and configured our first server in 2003 and since then have been serving hosting needs of our Drupal customers. In 2010, our clients' needs and our own aspirations to provide the best Drupal hosting in the face of stronger and fiercer competition prompted the new name of our company - Drupal Companion, or simply Drupion.

We incorporated in 2013 and the number of our customers has grown to such an extent that we now have dozens of Drupal-optimized servers at different locations around the world. We serve a wide range of customers from individual bloggers to small, mid-sized and large companies to international agencies such as the UN, International Organization for Migration, Asian Development Bank, World Trade Organization.

In 2016, in response to the growing requests from our customers, we have extended our services to include hosting for WordPress-based websites.

While growing our company and client base, we have learned and continue to develop the best ways of configuring our platform to host Drupal and WordPress websites. We are proud of our accomplishments and looking forward to many more years of successful service to our current and new customers.

Privacy Policy

Drupion Inc. (Drupion) privacy policy ("Privacy Policy") covers the collection and use of personal information ("Personal Information") that we may gather any time you interact with us, such as when you visit our Web site, purchase Drupion products, or when you contact our customer support or sales departments. This policy describes our data privacy practices, including what type of information is gathered, how Drupion uses the information, and how we safeguard your Personal Information.

Drupion Platform

Drupion platform is built on RHEL-based Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP stack and carefully tuned Drupal and WordPress specific scripts and programs like Varnish HTTP reverse proxy cache, Memcached distributed memory object caching system, Apache Solr, Drush, WP-CLI and others.

Why Choose Drupion?

Content Management Systems like Drupal and WordPress can run on virtually any hosting environment from the very inexpensive shared hosting plans all the way to dedicated servers, and everything in between.

Varnish HTTP Cache

Varnish is an HTTP accelerator designed for content-heavy dynamic websites built on Drupal and WordPress. In contrast to other HTTP accelerators, such as Squid, which began life as a client-side cache, or Apache and nginx, which are primarily origin servers, Varnish was designed from the ground up as an HTTP accelerator. Varnish is focused exclusively on HTTP, unlike other proxy servers that often support FTP, SMTP and other network protocols.

Memcached Memory Object Caching

Memcached is a free and open source, high-performance, distributed memory object caching system, generic in nature, but intended for use in speeding up dynamic web applications by alleviating database load. It is used to decrease the number of times an external data source (such as a DB or API) is read by caching data and objects in RAM.

Drupion Terms of Service

    1. Drupion refers to the hosting company trading as Drupion Inc., it's employees, officers, agents, and affiliates.
    2. The 'Agreement’ means Terms and Conditions and the details on the Application for Drupion Account.
    3. The 'Customer' refers to all other persons, companies, or other entities identified on the Application for Drupion Account.